I was looking for information about fenno ugrian people and found first the Estonian website http://www.fennougria.ee. That website contains lot of links and helpful information. That is also how I found this Uralistica.ning.com website. I recall that I have seen these both websites about two - three years ago. According to the Estonian website, there is an organisation called NPO FENNO-UGRIA (NPO == Non profit Organisation). I clicked a web link over there and my web browser found this website.
(I don't remember any more which link I chose.) I tried to verify but could not find the link any more.

However, I am wondering what is the main meaning of this Uralistica website. At fennougria.ee I could not find any forum for discussions. Is the major idea of this uralistica to have discussions on the fenno-ugrian culture.

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yes, the main idea of this social network is to unite people related to Finno-Ugrians, our cultures and languages, to discuss many different themes and to cooperate with each other in common projects and other activities
I have no scientific background what so ever. But as a Finn I was curious about finding information about fenno-ugrian people. Thus I used search engine to look for words fenno ugrian. The terms found later are a little confusing to me. On the Estonian website they did use term Finno-ugrian. And here the term is Uralistica. Just wondering what are the roots of the words. In common speech we have always used the term Fenno Ugrit( In Finnish). Uralistica does not sound very familiar to me. Naturally there has been discussions that we Finns (or our ancestor) originate from the places around Volga or Ural mountains. I have no bullet proof knowledge about our heritage.

Hopefully it is possible to discuss here about this kind of questions.
of course, it is possible. At the beginning of 20th century was proved linguistic kinship between Finno-Ugrian languages and Samoyed languages, as a result our linguistic family received a new name - Uralic family. It is the common name for both Finno-Ugric and Samoyed languages and peoples. Nowadays often when someone uses term 'finno-ugric' he also mean "finno-ugric and samoyed", because this term has more protracted history of using."uralistica" is the name of science which is studying different spheres related to Finno-Ugric peoples - our history, languages, cultures and other.

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