I'm interested about what is popular now in Finland, Estonia and Hungary among youth and others. What books, films or music are the most interesting and actual in your country? What do you discuss? What issues do you think and argue about?

Какая литература, фильмы, музыка популярны в Финляндии, Эстонии, Венгрии? Что волнует молодых людей Ваших стран? Что обсудают и над чем спорят?

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Hi! This is my first post here, nice there is a forum for Finno-Ugric and Samoyede people. I cannot speak Russian, so unfortunately I cannot join most of the topics.

As for films, Piaf, Sex and the city (unfortunately), Mamma mia, Ironman are the most recent and popular films. Could be better too...
As for books, quite a lot of people read Harry Potter (not me), The Da Vinci Code, Censored Health, Stories from Hell (a Hungarian documentary diary about the poorest and darkest places of the World).
Yeah, as you can see these are mostly the typical mainstream items like anywhere in the world.
As for music, the situation is a bit different. Here about half of young people wears dark clothes, many of them has some metal in their ears/tongue/eyebrows and listen to metal, hard and dark rock, some of them call themselves "gothic". They hate pop, rap and disco music and claim themselves being very individual :)
Disco music is the other one which is listened by masses.

To make my post worth reading I should mention the band "Tankcsapda" which is a rock band, but is listened to many other people too who are not into present-day rock music at all.
Zagar sings in English, and on the contrary with the mentioned band above, it has nothing national in it (if not the melancholy of the melodies).

As for discussions and arguments among our youth, well these are mainly about "What a bad place this country is" and "How much more people earn in Germany and England than here", and of course politics, though less and less of this latter one.

I am not really with the masses in most things, I would like much better if there were more people engaged with how could this country be made a better place.
Less computer games, more sports. Bringing up a topic about nature or environment protection won't really make a long conversation in here though I experienced it does interest people in other countries.
I happily answer if anyone has questions about my country. I don't want to drag this post even longer for now.

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