Please remember that we have to communicate not only inside Russia, so we should use English also as an important international language; off course, all uralic languages are welcome, too.
So start pages, groups and discussions in any language. Such divercity allways looks nice ;)

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Yes I cant understand kirillits.
So write in English!
По-русски, только по-русски :)
I suggest, if it is possible, to write posts both in Russian, English and some Uralic language. it'll increase the opportunities to be understood by each other
It's difficult to translate every text in two other languages... Takes some time.
But it's the only way, as I understand, to give an opportunity to people who don't speak Russian to take part in our common discussions and to be understood by each other
OK :<)
A good idea.
Аnd we will learn English! ;)))

Энд ви вилл лён Инглиш)

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