I think the almost entire population must have been assimilated into the "swedish empire" hundreds of years ago. and today they got the idea that swedish people are their kinship brothers. Finns only became beaten up women raped and more european, capitalist and matherialistic. Why should they have the best connection with the country that raped their land up? That's nothing but corruption and non sense! World politic is f***** and ALWAYS has been from the start!

I think Finns should make better relations between the finn-ugric people instead of old germanic faschists who near totally extinct their culture.

What do you people think about the whole issue? and likely situations?

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Most Finns don't have any human values. They think like 'old slave workers'. What do finns have other than sauna and alcohol?


Such a confusion?! Come here and lick it clean 'slaveworkers'!  Finns are incredible people in one way, in other way they just SUCK! :D Blindly! That's how they were raised to be!

Since 20. century new born 'halfcast' "rednecks"?! How it must suck?! to be such a mess? nor scandinavian, nor 'russian', nothing. just 'great suckers'. Let the peasent children look when their mother is raped by rosty swedish noblemen :D while the husband is working his head and ass up, and at last gets the right to suck a nobleman off.

Exploited them! ;)

Maybe some of the sweet children, would have enjoyed a ride on a great swede :D


Hahaha you can feel it in your veins, peep'. Swedes will always be OVER! you! Hardcore stuff! You're not real ppl in 'Real life'. Sorry, but fact. That's atleast how it works.

Something is naked to eye and some stuff is difficult to discover :)


another thing Finns are and will be so 'wanna be'. Hope nobody of you will read this shit. hehe

almost nobody will miss you if you extinct or die out of the earth. surely estoanians would miss you and swedes will loose their 'younger' "playmate". and America looses some fun too. They love the finnish nature and jokes about them. And what would scandinavia do without Finland :( nobody else to make jokes about and (little rough but) "piss on their name". Hey! That's not true! :O Finns are WHITE! Finns are WHITE! :(  höh?! Yes, you're sort of halfcast rednecks. Who speaks a weird language. Okay? So what are you? :D you're FINNS! who try to suck their way westward :p but I understand it too, who do they else got to trust? :)   Wow, almost a masterpiece of facts I just wrote there!! Wooooooooooow :D Once in your life time you will listen to 'real' 'dirty facts' about you!

Hyvä Roinamod, sinä paljastit itsesi suomalaiseksi, jolla on äärimmäisen kaunainen suhde todennäköisesti entiseen kotimaahasi, johon lienet pettynyt ihan omaa syytäsi. Sinulla taitaa olla muutenkin henkisesti vaikeaa. Suoraan sanoen vaikuttaa siltä, että sinulla on vakavia mielenterveyden ongelmia. Hakeudu hoitoon, ellet jo ole hakeutunut tai joutunut potilaaksi.

Tanskalainen ei sattumoisin ajaudu tälle sivustolle ja sinä kirjoitit vahingossa sanan höh, joka paljasti sinut suomalaiseksi. Olin kyllä aikaisemminkin ajatellut, että häiriintyneestä suomalaisesta tässä täytyy olla kyse.  Joka tapauksessa toivon sinulle kaikkea hyvää ja niin pikaista paranemista kuin mahdollista.


Hahahaha Urpo. Yeah right, ONLY I need the treatment? :) Hehe I'm glad Im the only one who noticed it. And I didn't make a secret that I was finn, you was just too "narrowminded" to imagine a finn to think like this, but so what :) Yes, I seem to have pretty much anti-scandinavian tendences, and to a "great" certain limit self-hating-finn". So now I suppose I'm not finnish enough for you? Carlsberg owns half of the beer sales in Suomi, I'm upset with that :( .... buuuuuhh...  on the other hand I'm satisfied with Suomi as it is. It's Okay :) Finland is Finland.


And thank god that Im not 100% finn, Im just a lookalike "terrorist sandmonkey" :) every "complexed "patriotic finn" wouldn't like this saying, I suppose. but I understand. Oh shit, I exposed my self. I must be a confused young man?! :S Hehe maybe I haven't been living in finland but I know finns enough. Sorry for my exaggerated writings. but take it more like a metaphor. But don't get me wrong? I'm proud of Finland. I'm just too "sand monkificied" in specific manners. but don't get me TOO wrong then :D I changed my view for Finland. And I think they are moved more forward than ever. They are doing an incredible good job of going "upstairs". and I hope them all the best in future :) hehe don't get me wrong dude.

Sorry Urpo, for talking that bad about 'r'ittle fin'r'and ^_^
hahahahaaaaaaaaaa............. :D ))))))))))))))) secret.
I'm happy that you're happy about that I was not a dane. because I would have been "angry" too ;) . :) u see
Hello,Finnish friends and our finno-ugric close nation! You have a great influence from Swedish people during the history, and from Russians,because they colonised Finland.
moinarod said:
I'm happy that you're happy about that I was not a dane. because I would have been "angry" too ;) . :) u see
"die weissen menschen sind der 'Teufel' " :)) das ist ganz einige fakta. Nicht wörtlich, Sie müssen dies in einer metaphorischen Weise zu verstehen. :)) Alle menschen sind gleich, aber die weissen menschen sind sehr 'besondere'. "Je mehr man nacht westen gehen, desto mehr 'besondere' volk wird." :)) jedoch ich bin selbst 'weiss' zu sein.


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