I think the almost entire population must have been assimilated into the "swedish empire" hundreds of years ago. and today they got the idea that swedish people are their kinship brothers. Finns only became beaten up women raped and more european, capitalist and matherialistic. Why should they have the best connection with the country that raped their land up? That's nothing but corruption and non sense! World politic is f***** and ALWAYS has been from the start!

I think Finns should make better relations between the finn-ugric people instead of old germanic faschists who near totally extinct their culture.

What do you people think about the whole issue? and likely situations?

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Anteeksi Urpo jätkä, Suomi on ihan selvänä.
Hi! Are you from Finland?

no Inyazor, I live in Denmark.    Just want to say, and it's quite natural indeed that there are more finns who look up to danes and swedes, than the other way etc. I mean I know that finland is a valid and historical member of Scandinavia. But in many fx. stereotype danish eyes, more the older generation, the newer ones are more clever and 'respectful sort of say. but the older ones, 'compare finns with 'always carring knives'(I know it was only in wartime), and that finns are all alcoholics'. and in a certain small degree finns are compared as "kind of" 'under-people' 'undermenschen' :D don't take it too literally, but with respect.      by metaphoric: 'I mean a finn with loads of money is a man' but a poorer one can easily be looked down to as a 'sort of 'halfcast dirt man' who is not ''human enough'' take it respectfully. Like many danes stereotype that many slavs steal, alcoholics and so on.


Just to point it out :D Greatest part of the danes are great people though :) don't get me wrong, some just sometimes feel themselves better than the others. :p

feel better than the others, in a certain way of manner :p should be pointed out.
and God bless Denmark :-)
and it shall be pointed out too that slavs are more "under-people" in "danish stereotypes eyes" than finns are. okay.
moinarod = moi narod - мой народ (rus!)= my people... (?)

Moinarod, it's not clever thoughts, that finnish people are alcoholics and under-people. Why they introduce finns in a such way?

Personally, i think Finns must be more patriotic in they point of view about their nation. However,russians,as swedish people, said the same opinion about finns,that they are not clever and not powerful people, but finns disapprove these statement and now their country is so well-developed in social and economical spheres.

Да, Нимшур, вроде он иностранец с Дании, а ник на русском языке, только написан латинницей.

Njimshur said:
moinarod = moi narod - мой народ (rus!)= my people... (?)

Moi narod, minun kansani! Sinun englannin kielesi on melko virheellistä. Ei se mitään, minäkin kirjoitan välillä englantia virheellisesti. Samoin viroa, mutta suomen kielessä harvoin eksyn harhapoluille. Sinä kirjoittelet niin sekavia, että minun on vaikea uskoa mitään, mitä sinä kerrot.

Voisitko antaa kunnon näytteen tanskan kielen taidoistasi? Kirjoita omiasi tai käännä vaikkapa tämä viesti tanskaksi, niin nähdään, kannattaako sinun Tanskan juttujasi ottaa todesta. Olen opiskellut Ruotsissa yliopistossa skandinaavisia kieliä, joten sinun tanskan kielen taitosi paljastuu helposti. Saattaahan olla, että puhut myös totta. Onko sinut tuomittu Suomessa jostakin rikoksesta?

Toivon sinulle joka tapauksessa kaikkea hyvää ja kauniita ajatuksia vastenmielisten ajatusten sijaan.



Thanks Inyazor! "Closer ties between Uralic people shall be 'established' so Uralics in Russia can surivive assimilation and continue 'cultural importancies' and establish education in their native languages. And then slowly work towards independence, and in same time great fx. political and economic relationships with Russia, aswell. And fx. Nenets, Komis, Khanty Mansi ppl wouldn't need ALL of their great land, so perhaps in a way for 'Kremlin' it wouldn't be in same time so hard to give away. And Sakha-Yakhuts also don't need all of the great land, that they live in as a 'autonoumous republic'. So I think it would be good too to make these kinds of compromises. 'Land is money' you know. But it's very hard :-(

 Kiitoksia Urpo ja samoin, en todella osankaa puhua suomen kieltä. Mutta sinä olet totudessa että ei minun kirjoituksia saa ymmärtää kirjaimellisesti, olen puhunut vähän vihaisesti ajatuksessa. Että kyllä hän hekin pitäävät suomalaisesta, melkein samalla tavalla kuin ruotsalaisia ja norjalaisesta. Mutta se on enemän sillein että jos sä esimerkiksi mainitset 'Suomea', niin kyllä sitten 30-40 % ihmisestä niinkuin "katsoovat joteinkin hiukan alaspäin" :-) mutta kyllä suureman osaksi ovat vaihtaneet heitän näkymys Suomi kohtaan, nykysin.

I think I understand you quite well, moinarod. It must have been depressing, when you have felt that you have been treated like second class citizen for the reason that you are half-finnish. It happens to be so that some decades ago from Finland also antisocial drifters moved to Denmark and Sweden. They were also drunks and commited crimes. So the local people began to think that proportionally many finns are like that. Luckily the attitude has changed now.

I have studied in Sweden at 80s and I never met discriminating against me even if I am a finn. In the countries,   where they have only few finnish emigrants the local people like them. I have been travelling a lot and nobody has had negative attitude against me, on the contrary they seem to like finns.

I hope you´ll forget the bad things you have experienced about being partly finnish.




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