Friends, what do you think of such point:

I've heard from some entrepreneurs that Finno-Ugric renaissance (I mean Finno-Ugric peoples inside Russia) if it comes, would be established without link to Orthodox confession, that the new Finno-Ugric identity of the possible Renaissance would move aside from the Orthodox creed which is closely connected with first of all Russian (Russkiy) ethnicity and sometimes served as a medium of Russian assimilation. Also it is supposed by them that the Orthodox creed provides special attitudes that are non-Western in their style but the new Renaissance if it comes - would try to underline the uniqueness of own FU background and try to adapt Western modes of life more deeply.

What do you think on this issue?

What the Finno-Ugric Renaissance will be? And is it compatible with the Orthodox creed and Orthodox identity?

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To be accurate: I belong to the Holy Orthodox Church of Finland -> http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9F%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D...

(and I do not speak on write Russian, would love to but I have not learned. So I only assume this wikipage gives similar information than its Finnish and English counterparts. )


Kari Blomster said:

Mmm, and, yes. I was babtized Lutheran as a small baby, in cradle, later I chose myself to get charismated to join The Holy Orthodox Church around 24 yrs old. 

So, maybe, Russian church, phyletic? 


Артур said:

It is a term called ''National Church" - that mean christian church of a nation. Many have them, but for ex., neither Estonia, neither Finland, neither Latvia, neither Lithuania does not have them. There is Church of England and ec. Lithuanian Catholics belongs to Roman Catholic church - so 

In Russia as I see there is only Russian Orthodox church - so, there is no local Udmurtian or other churches.

and government is not separated as it could be elsewere. Russian church and Russian government helps each other. So, - no mass in local languages there!

"The righteous rise / With burning eyes /Of hatred and ill-will. "

"They say there is strangeness, too dangerous 

In our theatres and bookstore shelves "

This is beautiful music here, right on the target -> 



"Quick to judge, Quick to anger, Slow to understand 

Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand." 


Peace upon us all! 

Lutheran confession is good for small nations, because it provides the church service in national languages. But the Russian government supports the Orthodoxy by all means, and it's hard to pay an attention of Finno-Ugric people to Lutheran confession.

"Combatibility of FU-identity with Orthodox creed and identity" is what Ortem asked. I think they can, but not right now. 

the pagan heritage is a part of Mokshan and any Russia FU orthodoxity. sticking to traditions first of all means this heritage. we do have references about christianity in Volga region before Slavic expansion. So, Christianity is not =assimilation/Germanizastion/Russification etc. 

I like your comment. Life and world history are not so simple as written in legends. And carved in stones. They are more complex. 

Could you tell more about that, please:)? ''we do have references about christianity in Volga region before Slavic expansion.''

Yea, I agree Christianity might not be rusification, but the way how it was spread in many lands of Russian empire sometimes compromises it in the eyes of uralic nations - as i can notice here in uralistica sometimes.

Christianity is not the same as assimilation, but the Orthodoxy is close to the proccess of assimilation. In my opinion, this is a result of close connection between the government and the Orthodox church. The global policy of the Russian Federation is the assimilation of other nations and the Orthodoxy like a tool for this aim. 

''we do have references about christianity in Volga region before Slavic expansion.''

this is not a secret there were Christian communities in Khazar khanate as well as in Golden Horde. 

One example/quotation I already used here in Uralistica.

1401 Russian chronicles mention young Suzdal knyaz Simeon's wife Alexandra who fled with her children to ''Mordvinland (Mordovskaya zemlya) and lived there in Tsybirtsa place near St. Nicolas christian church built by busurmanin Hazibaba".  http://militera.lib.ru/common/solovyev1/04_01.html 

Yes. History facts can be used to put things in real perspective.  

But I think at the present the main problem is that finnic and uralic people feel the pressure of assimilation. 

- Byzantine-originated idealization of "simfonia" between one state and one church  (Like with tzar & patriarch)  and constituting one empire , just Does NOT Work in states consisting of several ethnicities or confessions. Actually, The Leaders should not work full-hearted, hot-headed (and alas, also often blood-handed) but rather with a half full hearts, bearing the empty space and longing and admiration of "the Other", of the foreign. Original. Forest. If that's called "modern man's alienation" or homelessness of syncretism or Evil Oikumene, so then be it like that. 

We have already enough divided areas like Cyprus, Ireland, Jerusalem, Gaza ect. 

Everybody makes mistakes. Eg. we Finns have shameful past with Finnish Sami people assimilation, the only indigenious people in Europe, as told in recent documentary (clip not avilable, sorry):


I wish you all heart and power, 


FUR is like pictured in FU Science fiction. Who are the writers, Ortem, I forgot already? 



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