This group aims to spark a discussion on what opportunities exist for developing tourism in Finno-Ugric communities which is at least partly based on the ethnic heritage of Finno-Ugric nations.

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Ethnotourism: for or against?

Начал(а) Oliver Loode в Окт 29, 2009. 0 Ответы

Can ethnotourism be good for the community and profitable at the same time? Or are these two things mutually exclusive? I'd like to hear both theoretical viewpoints as well as concrete examples of…Продолжить

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Комментарий от: Aivar Ruukel, Июнь 12, 2016 в 11:59am

There has been not very active discussion about tourism issues on Uralistica forums. However, I would love to here your opinion on these 8 points: http://www.slideshare.net/Ruukel/finnougric-tourism

Комментарий от: Sergei Tereshenkov, Март 5, 2011 в 3:44pm
Official group of the program "Kudymkar. Culture Reloaded" ("Kudymkar - Cultural Centre of the Perm Region 2011"): http://uralistica.ning.com/group/permikomi
Комментарий от: Тимофей Алексеевич Молданов, Декабрь 28, 2009 в 7:12am
Всех поздравляю с новым годом!
Пусть новый год принесёт удачу, счатье, творческую силу, здоровья!
Комментарий от: Roger Vila Orriols, Октябрь 31, 2009 в 8:36pm
Hello. The spanish state is not helping at all to develop other languages like catalan, basc or gallego. So this comunities decide to develop alone in all ways inside legal constitution to make stronger the local goverment. we atracted the tourist. If the state doesnt help then we need to show other people that our culture is interesting too. we start to develope our resources to beaches, bars, dicotecs, and putting all in catalan and even flyers in english and catalan and spanish. we offer cuture all year on streets or in close places to show tourists we exists. Tourism can be a problem. Now in Barcelona too much tourism, massive tourism that doesnt care about culture. Thats a problem. With money from tourists we started to create radio programms, television chanels and magazines and people strated to beleive and start to speak and respect lenguage and more important to publish in catalan and not in spanish. Now we try with cinema, half spanish half catalan. 30 years trying. Most important is to make poeple to beleive that their language is good, and at the same lavel as others languages. Give them ways to belief in their culture.
Комментарий от: Oliver Loode, Октябрь 31, 2009 в 10:11am
Aivar - Roger's point of view appears to be that tourism helps the community be economically more self-sufficient and, as a result, be better able to preserve and transmit its culture - thus creating a kind of virtuous circle. When I was speaking in Kudymkar last week at the Finno-Ugric youth forum, I brought a similar example based on your own Soomaa.com. My argument was as follows: what truly differentiates your offer is the 'haabjas', ie the dugout canoe / 'lodka-dolbljanka' which is part of the region's ancient cultural heritage. Just a few decades ago, however, the old tradition of building such canoes was at risk of being forgotten. The prospect of using it as a tourism asset helped revive the tradition and, indeed, helps keep the tradition alive. So we appear to see this virtuous circle in action - wouldn't you agree? Also, feel free to add some details on this story. I think this could be a 'classic case' of Finno-Ugric ethnotourism :)
Комментарий от: Aivar Ruukel, Октябрь 31, 2009 в 7:37am
Rogers viewpoint is interesting, seeing tourism as an important tool for community, where there is not enough, or not at all, existing public sector support.... do I understand correct?
Комментарий от: Oliver Loode, Октябрь 29, 2009 в 3:51pm
Thanks, Roger. Any particular examples in terms of destinations (towns, villages) or tourism companies (tour operators, hotels, restaurants, etc.) that have been particularly good at presenting Catalan culture to tourists? And what makes them so good at it?
Комментарий от: Roger Vila Orriols, Октябрь 29, 2009 в 3:18pm
Hello, my name is Roger. Im catalan. In my experience tourism is good for the small comunities to survive when the state is not helping. When you get some money then you can build radio programs, newspapers and television. In catalunya we survive as a comunity because we created our oun tourist business. People after visit Barcelona they learn about catalan culture. ..
I think its necessary for Uralic languages build their business to survive. Modest opinion

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