Multiculturalism is a concept that can refer both to a conscious
policy that upholds cultural differences and to the reality where
culturally different groups exist both globally and within a certain
society.  Ethnologia Fennica 2011 will focus on the different ways
these phenomena are present in our everyday life. We welcome a wide
range of the themes on the topic from the crucial question of the
relationship between multicultural issues and contemporary
ethnological research to case studies dealing with the multicultural

We expect abstracts of articles by 15 January, and the manuscripts of
articles by 15 March 2011.  Abstracts and articles will be sent to the
editor-in-chief Pirjo Korkiakangas (pirjo.korkiakangas@jyu.fi). Please
do not hesitate to ask for more details from the members of the
editorial board. Articles can be written in English or in German and
should not exceed 10 000 words. More accurate instructions can be
found in EF 2010 and on website of the Ethnos association

Ethnologia Fennica is an international journal of the Association of
Finnish ethnologists. The journal publishes original scholarly
articles, review articles, congress reports and book reviews. The
languages of the journal are English and German. The articles undergo
peer review.

Tytti Steel
FM, tutkija, tuntiopettaja
Filosofian, historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos
PL 59 (Unioninkatu 38 D)
puh. (09) 191 24988, 050 346 6368

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