29 - 31 of July the 12th Congress of MAFUN, the Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples was held in Tartu.
Congress is the the Association's highest governing body. During the Congress delegates from member organizations had their right to make key decisions on organizations current and future work. Congress is the peak event in organization's life within 2 years of its work and also it becomes the place for key discussions on Finno-Ugric movement's today and tomorrow.


The Congress was oranized by Estonian organization Fenno-Ugria Noored with support of other Estonian NGOs and Estonian government.
24 member organizations, 3 candidate organizations and dozens of observers from Russia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Norway took part in MAFUN's Congress.


Congress' agenda contained following items: summing up results of Association's work from the last congress, making decision on the key organizational issues; work of sections on focus areas of youth Finno-Ugric activism; election of new the Board and President of the Association. Also delegates had to choose the site for the next MAFUN Congress in 2017.


Besides dealing with organizational issues the results of the Finno-Ugric Cultural Capital Contest for the next year were announced. Regarding the decision of contest juree two sites will share the honorable title of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture - the village of Iszkaszentgyorgy and Veszprem town, both in Hungary. Finno-Ugric Cultural Capitals is MAFUN program focused on the regional development of Finno-Ugric settlements and strengthening the ties between the Finno-Ugric territories. The Program was initiated in 2013, first Finno-Ugric Cultural Capital was Udmurtian village Bygy, Cultural Capital of 2015 is Seto village Obinitsa in Estonia.


Congress' program contained plenary speeches and lectures from Finno-Ugric experts, sessions on organizational issues and cultural events.


For two days Congress' participants took part in work of 4 sections: Modern technologies of studying languages, Finno-Ugric start-ups, Finno-Ugric media and social networks, Indigenous peoples' rights and civil diplomacy. In sections MAFUN members and observers made reports, shared experience of their projects and discussed key problems of Finno-Ugric peoples. As a result of sections' work recommendations for final Congress resolution were prepared.


Congress' delegates decided to skip the idea of MAFUN's registration in juridicy of any country, 3 new organizations were adopted to the Association, also it was decided to eliminate Elders' council as inactive structure within Association.


Delegates elected new members of the Board, organization's governing body between the congresses. 12 representatives of countries and regions where Finno-Ugric peoples live entered the new Board. New Board members became Käbi Suvi (Estonia), Mari Saraheimo (Finland), Artyom Malykh (Moscow), Yekaterina Kirdyashkina (Republic of Mordovia), Yevgeniy Sivaev (Mari El Republic), Vasiliy Chuprov (Komi Republic), Aleksey Shklyaev (Udmurt Republic), Viktor Vylko (Nenets Autonomous Okrug), Vitaliy Sigiletov (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra), Anna Anhimova (Republic of Karelia), Mikhail Trifonov (Murmansk Oblast), Andrey Petrov (Saint-Petersburg).
Käbi Suvi from Estonia won in presidential elections. Mari Saraheimo from Finland and Artyom Malykh from Russia became Vice Presidents of the Association.


Congress' work results, appeals to governmental bodies of Finno-Ugric countries and regions where Finno-Ugric peoples do live and to the Finno-Ugric community are formulated in the Congress' resolution.


Next two years MAFUN aims to focus its activity on support of young Finno-Ugric entrepreneurs and projects in language and cultural fields.
Next MAFUN Congress will take place in Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurt Republic, in 2017.

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