I think the almost entire population must have been assimilated into the "swedish empire" hundreds of years ago. and today they got the idea that swedish people are their kinship brothers. Finns only became beaten up women raped and more european, capitalist and matherialistic. Why should they have the best connection with the country that raped their land up? That's nothing but corruption and non sense! World politic is f***** and ALWAYS has been from the start!

I think Finns should make better relations between the finn-ugric people instead of old germanic faschists who near totally extinct their culture.

What do you people think about the whole issue? and likely situations?

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Thanks alot Urpo, kind words from you. I understand more now of what you said about the drifters and low-class ppl. It makes quite more sense to me than before. and about the 'bad things', there's almost none. I was in Finland this summer, Espoo, you know, I grew up in Denmark and this is kind of my 'home', in many ways. But I fell in love with Finland and got more 'patriotic' senses for the country. I was also watching a football match between HJK - Bangor City(Wales) UEFA Champions League Qual. 3. round, which ended 10-0. There it was a great atmosphere, just a pity that beers weren't allowed to be sold at that day, at the stadium :p hehe. but sure it was nice, I felt some patriotic feelings there for first time. I felt more finnish there than just a half dude :p I love Finland, the summers, even winters. And the saunas are more than just saunas for me :-) I feel peace there. Absolutely incredible! Damn! My only problem is I would need to practice my Finnish, not to mention my English :D even my Danish is not the best. But the Finnish is also important to master, because so like 'more ppl' there would "accept" me more. :-) Also because I want to do something of my life. unfortunately, Greediness posesses me :-) you wouldn't understand it just like that, but I want to do something for my country aswell, if I could have the opportunaty! With Love in the sametime, although this world is f***** in politics. :S


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