Finland most
generous in EU on refugee's benefits

Finland plans to review benefits granted to asylum seekers, says Astrid Thors, Minister for Migration and European Affairs. The Minister’s
comments come in the wake of a report issued by the Interior Ministry.

The report indicates that asylum seekers in Finland receive more financial benefits than in any other EU country. According an Aamulehti
article based on the report, refugees in Finland receive twice as much
monthly financial support as those in Sweden, while refugees in Germany
receive only food and housing.



Somali family reunification challenging social services

The first Somali refugees arrived in Finland 20 years ago. Thus far in 2009, the figure for Somali asylum-seekers has been more than 1,000, of
whom the number of minor asylum-seekers without a parent or guardian is
nearly 200.

In the next few years, Finland is expected to receive thousands of Somalis, as the number of asylum-seekers has turned upwards.
Over the past couple of years, Finland has received a couple of thousand asylum-seekers from Somalia alone. They have now begun to be
granted residence permits, along with which they are entitled to apply
for family reunification.

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Immigration to Finland 1987–2008

1987: 9,142
1988: 9,720
1989: 11,219
1990: 13,558
1991: 19,001
1992: 14,554
1993: 14,795
1994: 11,611
1995: 12,222
1996: 13,294
1997: 13,564
1998: 14,192
1999: 14,744
2000: 16,895
2001: 18,955
2002: 18,113
2003: 17,838
2004: 20,333
2005: 21,355
2006: 22,451
2007: 26,029
2008: 29,114


Somali population in Finland growing fast

At the beginning of the year Finland had 11,881 residents speaking the Somali language as their mother tongue. About three fifths of them were born in Somalia. Nobody knows what the figures will show ten years from now. In recent years the number of Somali-speaking people in Finland has increased by nearly ten per cent in a year. Some of them are asylum seekers, and some are people who have been granted residence permits on the basis of family ties, while many are children who were born in Finland.

In the Helsinki region, about half of the growth in the Somali population involves children born in Finland.

Nearly all Somali asylum seekers whose applications are approved apply for residence permits for family members as well. At the end of this year, there were about 6,000 applications for immigration based on family ties, says Heikki Taskinen, director of the immigration unit of the Finnish Immigration Service.. At this rate, there will be thousands of newcomers in the coming years.


The Finns attitudes towards immigration has changed rapidly:

In 2007, 56% supported more immigration and 36% were against. Today, there's a complete reversal: 36% support more immigration and 59% are against.

Where the hell Finland is heading to??? Why Finnish government wants so many refugees in country from Africa or Middle East? Why Finland wants to help refugees, which already in many countries in the world are taken care of, but doesn't help to Finno-Ugric people in Russia to support their languages, schools etc.?

I forgot to tell, that materials are taken from forum: https://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php?t=5333
EU or not EU, but Finns are too much waiting and looking on other countries. My impression is that Finns will start to care about Finno-Ugrics only after Swedes or Britons will start to do it.

And that is truly IRRITATING.


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