Siida- the sami culture museum and the centre of northern nature
is a real pearl in Scandinavia. Excellent management and down to
earth atmosphere makes it unique. It is absolutely vital to visit
in Siida in Inari to understand sami culture and the ghanges of their
lifestyle. Events like annual Skabmagovat Film Festival invite
people also from other indigenous cultures to present their works.
Artists and craftsmen are shown in exhibitions.
I might use too big words but for me Inari village is like
life before and after Siida Sami Culture Museum.
So anywhere among indigenous cultures is absolutely vital
to establish a culture centre on their own terms. Goverments
need to protect original cultures and languages. But the will
must come from the original tribes. The process is never easy
but every indigenous culture centre is like a lighthouse
at the dark and stormy sea of modern virtual times.

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