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New Permian terminology

I shall use some new words to translate news in to English. I understand and respect other opinion and it is possible that some critical points can be the cause to change or modify new terminology.

1. Permian Komi State (Коми-пермяцкий округ). I thought how to translate ''okrug'' in to English and decided that state is the best, because there are 6 municipal districts and Kudymkar city in this state. (Коми-Пермяцкий штат :)

2. Permland (Пермский Край). It is better than Perm Krai. How will you pronounce Krai in English:)? Krai means Land. So it can be Permian Land, but Permland is better. Sounds better, can compare, there are Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Finland and Permland.
Permland is created of 2 former subject: Permian Province and Permian Komi autonomous state.

3. Permian language (Пермский язык) - I could say that Permian Komi language can be called Permian language. So I don't know how is better - Permian Komi language, or Permian language. I see no difference of ''Пермский язык'' and ''Коми-Пермяцкий язык''.

4. Nation of Permian Komi state (Народ Коми-Пермяцкого округа) - all peoples and nations who live within Permian Komi state.

5. Komi-Permians (Коми-Пермяцкий народ) - title nation of Permian Komi state, there is majority and more than 60 percent of Komi-Permians in the state.

6. Permian Province (Пермская область) - former subject of Russian Federation.

7. People of Permian Province (Народ Пермской Области)

8. Permian Komi autonomous state (Коми-Пермяцкий автономный округ) - former name of Permian Komi state.

9. Permians - Nation of Permland (Народ Пермского Края)

10. Permian Komi includes all Komi living within Permland,together with Komi-Permians and Komi-Yazvi (коми-язвинцы).

11. Permians (пермяки) - historical Russian name for Permian Komi and all Komi.

12. Permians (пермяки) - people who live in the city of Perm - capital of Permland

13. Historical Permland - Biarmia or Biarmland - included Republics of Karelia and Komi, Archangelsk Province and todays Permland.

14. Permians (пермяки) - citizens living in the district of the city of Perm.

15. Permian languages: Komi, Permian Komi and Udmurtian.


Artur Jarkov

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    Pochash Chupin

    нет, совсем нет. прапермский язык в равной степени отстоит от коми-пермяцкого, коми и удмуртского.
  • вверх


    По коми-пермяцки разговаривают в Пермском краю - значит кп язык - Пермский язык, - язык Пермского Края. 

    Другое понятие - коми-пермяцкий язык - от прапермского языка или от пермского языка. значит коми-пермяцкий язык это один из пермских языков, - значит кп язык это пермский язык.

    Законов нет, понятия есть, давайте жить по пермским понятиям:)

  • вверх


    hm, maybe ''Permian Komi county'' is better than ''Permian Komi state'' :)