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10 days until Indigenous Peoples Week

I would like to see members of Uralistica.com taking part of this unconference: 10 days until Indigenous Peoples Week begins!


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пресс-конференция программы культурных столиц финно-угорского мира

Some pictures from press conference, held today in Tallinn are on Facebook

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Югра и Эстония будут вместе развивать этнотуризм

Happy about these news, heard today from friend Oliver.

Story here http://ugranow.ru/?p=8383

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Mining pressure in Swedish Sapmi

Sami people in trouble with mining. Read full story "Mining Boom Threatens Laponia Ecotourism" 


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Finno-Ugric Tourism

Yesterday the workshop was held on the topic of Finno-Ugric Tourism in Kiidi guesthouse, Haanja nature park South Estonia.

Different aspects of Finno-Ugric and indigenous tourism was discussed. Presenters included

Agu Hollo – about life in Haanja region

Aivar Ruukel - about 1-st World Indigenous Tourism Forum …


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Erzya or Moksha?

What do you think is Жера́р Реневич going to be rather Erzya or Moksha? 

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Celebrating day of Udmurt Republic

I am not sure about the real meaning of the Udmurtia day, but it is good reason to make pelmeni at home with three udmurt of my family 




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Finno-Ugric days 2012 are over

Yesterday was the final concert and party of Finno Ugric Days in Estonia.

I have more pictures on Facebook if you want to have a look. 



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World Indigenous Tourism Forum

Last week the first international forum on Indigenous Tourism was organized by World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA). http://www.winta.org/

It was held October 12, 2012, in Lucerne, Switzerland as a first-ever ATTA Summit Extension Program immediately following the ninth Adventure Travel World Summit.…


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Finno-Ugric cookbook in Russian?


it is mushroom season in Estonia. Yesterday I picked some Lactarius mushrooms, and my wife salted  these in the way her mother does in tiny village of North Udmurtia. It is really very delicious stuff :)

See picture:

Do you know if there are some Finno Ugric cookbooks available in Russian language? Or in some of our own…


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Finno-Ugric Web Footprint

Today on the seminar about branding ... my slides on web-footprint...


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Etkon Korka

Udmurtian group Etkon Korka had a great concert yesterday in Pärnu, Estonia 


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1st Finno-Ugric Branding Conference (Oct 13-14, Tallinn)

First Finno-Ugric Branding Conference will be held on 13-14th of October 2011 in Tallinn. Conference aims to initiate a systematic process for raising global awareness of, and interest in the Finno-Ugric common cultural roots and ongoing international cooperation (“Finno-Ugric movement”). Rationale of the Conference is based on two key premises:

  •  Current awareness of…

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