First Finno-Ugric Branding Conference will be held on 13-14th of October 2011 in Tallinn. Conference aims to initiate a systematic process for raising global awareness of, and interest in the Finno-Ugric common cultural roots and ongoing international cooperation (“Finno-Ugric movement”). Rationale of the Conference is based on two key premises:

  •  Current awareness of Finno-Ugric identity and organized movement is relatively low both in the wider world but also in several Finno-Ugric regions
  •  Focused, well thought out marketing and branding initiatives can open development opportunities for the Finno-Ugric movement in general  and for individual Finno-Ugric peoples in particular.
Conference will explore opportunities for raising awareness about the Finno-Ugric movement via international  institutions, working with media and generating ideas for practical cooperation projects. See the conference program.

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Комментарий от: Aivar Ruukel, Октябрь 13, 2011 в 9:03am
Conference starts soon, I hope there are some udmurts participating as well
Комментарий от: Numulunj pilgä, Октябрь 3, 2011 в 3:19pm
sure, interesting and unfo no representatives from Volga FU
Комментарий от: Ortem, Октябрь 3, 2011 в 10:40am
the conference seems to be interesting. unfortunately, there\re not any lecturer on Udmurt topic. but we have some great cases of the Udmurt brand development

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