I became interested in finno-ugric peoples when i was in Latvia to shoot a student short documentary film about livonian language (I studied film-making as well).

So when I entered geopolitics diploma, I chose to work about Finno-Ugric peoples. First because I was really curious about it, then because it's not much studied in France (and even less in the field of geopolitical studies). Another important reason is that it allows me to have very large field of inquiry (politics, history, national identities, language policy, history of finno-ugristics etc..), and I like mixing subjects and fields (I studied cultural anthropology before that, and a glimpse of linguistics too)

At the moment, my work focuses on a comparative study between Finland and Estonia in their attitude towards other finno-ugric peoples. A last part will deal with "pan-finno-ugrism", questionning its forms, its existence, its diversity.
I spent a month in Finland last march, and will go in august to Estonia. I really would like to visit finno-ugric parts of Russia in the next couple of years, but I'm learning russian first.

If you have any remark, question, suggestion, experience to share, I would be glad to welcome them.

I have myself a question : whose iniative is this network?

I will try to post a bit about my researches here, even if i am already at the end of the writing of my first-year thesis (I don't know yet wht my next subjet of researches will be, but it's highly probable that it will still concern finno-ugrians in a way or another)

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Комментарий от: Numulunj pilgä, Август 26, 2010 в 4:59pm
A friend of mine, French, is working under indoeuropean and finno-ugric languages heritage and interrelations. Speaks Chinese and some Moksha. http://www.mordva.ru/index.php?doc=15&id=14
Is it interesting for your work?
Комментарий от: darali, Июль 23, 2008 в 10:21pm
Ortem created this social network on Ning. :)
Thanks, I'll write you later!
Комментарий от: Ortem, Июль 22, 2008 в 1:38am
you are extremely interesting person, Louise! welcome to Finno-Ugrian Russia! pan-finno-ugrism is really interesting theme. do you know about SOFIN (СОФИН)?


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