abstract nouns in Komi language/абстрактные существительные в коми языке

В продолжение нашей дискуссии о суффиксах абстрактных существительных публикую фрагменты из работы Oscar Lazar, The Formation of Abstract Nouns in the Uraic Languages (Uppsala, 1975).

Zyrian has five abstract suffixes (-lun, -nog, -ru, -tor, -tuj) that can be traced back to independent nouns (in other words, they have originated from compounds) and a derivative "proper" of Uralic origin in -(t)a.

-nog is a less frequent suffix that can be traced to the independent noun nog 'way, manner; mode, method'. Used as a postposition it means 'according to'.
bur 'good' -> burnog 'benefit, advantage'
meli 'affectionate, tender' -> melinog 'tenderness'
kolan nog 'expediency, advisability'
olannog 'way of life; system, regime'
s'am 'knowledge, competence' -> s'am-nog 'Mittel'
olas 'life, existence' -> olasnog 'attitude to life'
l'ok olasnog 'immorality'
as 'oneself'
as-nog ~ aslys-nog 'Wunderlichkeit, Eigensinn, Laune'
aslysnoga - 'original, peculiar'

A number of (mostly obsolete) derivatives comprise the formant -ru, which originally meant 'exhalation, steam'.
as 'oneself; own, proper' -> asru 'strangeness, oddity'
jar 'zealous, ardent' -> jar-ru 'eifrig'
joj 'stupid, dull, silly' -> jo:i-ru 'Ansgelassenheit'

-tor (see the previous post on this issue)

una nogator 'multiformity, variety, diversity'

This rather rare suffix has developed from the independent noun tuj 'road, path, trace; raw, line, sign'
an 'woman, housewife' -> an'tuj 'skilfulness (in a woman's/domestic/ jobs)
kipod 'handicraft, hand' -> kipodtuj 'handiness, (manual) skill'
mort 'man, human being' -> morttuj 'ability, aptitude, mastership, character'
verkyd 'before'
verko~s 'surface' -> verktuj [dial.] 'superiority, supremacy'
n'ino~m 'nothing' -> nino:m-tui 'ein Nichts'
n'ino~mtor 'nothingness'
in Erzy - the same is aras'ci, in Finnish - mitattomyys, in Hungarian semmiseg

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