Yesterday the workshop was held on the topic of Finno-Ugric Tourism in Kiidi guesthouse, Haanja nature park South Estonia.

Different aspects of Finno-Ugric and indigenous tourism was discussed. Presenters included

Agu Hollo – about life in Haanja region
Aivar Ruukel - about 1-st World Indigenous Tourism Forum
Jaak Prozes - about 20 years experience of Finno Ugric tourism and movement
Aigar Piho - about Mountaineering Project of Finno Ugrian highest peaks

Pictures of workshop below


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Комментарий от: Ortem, Январь 29, 2013 в 1:21am

Hi Aivar! This topic is crucial.

We still in FU republics of Russian Federation still do not have a concept of FU tourism. How it should be? What shall we show? Will it not harm to real FU identities? Will it not force them to be more exotic and 'volkisch'?

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