Let's save the Uralic languages! Vox Humanitatis is working for the less-resourced languages!

Hello everybody!
Hei kaikki! Tere! Szia!

We in Vox Humanitatis are working for less-resourced languages.
Our aim is to take care of all the languages, what people bring inside of our projects.

We are making a multilingual dictionary open source for internet called Ambaradan.
It will help all the smaller languages, because we can all add there our knowledge as it is!

Now we are translating there a list of the KDE-Education Project.
The list is only 1900 words and the words are really basic like
"girl, boy, sky, to think, September" etc...


Please join us!
You can follow us:

Twitter: ambdict
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8168761130&ref=ts

If you come and translate 1 word, -we thank you!
If you translate more - we thank you!

Main thing is that you do what you can and have possibilities.
Every single word counts. Come and join our team!!!!!

Let's make Finno-Ugric languages known and written in internet!
Let's make difference for the coming generations so that they can use their NATIVE TONGUE in internet!!!


Outi Sané
Director of dept. for Finno-Ugric Culture
Twitter: outisane
Facebook: Outi Sane

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Комментарий от: Outi Sane, Сентябрь 19, 2009 в 1:52pm
Aleksej, those links are very very interesting.
I shared them in my Facebook page! :-)
Thank you!!!!
Комментарий от: Outi Sane, Сентябрь 16, 2009 в 4:50pm
That is fine for us! Please write me a mail
outi.sane @ voxhumanitatis. org
Комментарий от: Niimshur, Сентябрь 16, 2009 в 4:22pm
"romanorum" writting is more righter in showuing of morphological system of once
Комментарий от: Niimshur, Сентябрь 16, 2009 в 4:18pm
would you like if i write udmurt words using non-oficcial latinic (roman) letters?
Комментарий от: Outi Sane, Сентябрь 16, 2009 в 1:15pm
Thank you Aleksej!
Please put me more information in my email:
outi.sane @ voxhumanitatis.org
KIITOS! - Thank you!
Greets O
Комментарий от: Shkljaev Aleksej, Сентябрь 16, 2009 в 7:21am
Hei! its great iniciative,
I think we must develop open source movement in humanitarian projects.
we also have some collabarative open source projects. now we translate popular computer programs to udmurt http://translated.by/you/perevod-qip-2005-na-udmurtskij-fajl-lang-ini/into-udm/trans/ , making tesaurus of computer words and expressions http://ow.ly/pzs4

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