‎"Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided at the start of his new term to end his country's army operations and transfer the money saved in its entirety to supporting work to revitalize minority languages spoken in Russia. New schools and universities will immediately be founded in Russia in which teaching will take place exclusively in minority languages. In addition, Putin has promised to establish new radio stations and television channels which will broadcast programming in minority languages all day long. In the areas with the strongest minority language presence, he is considering stopping education in Russian in schools and limiting the broadcast range of Russian-language radio and television stations so that speakers of minority languages in rural areas may live in peace without majority-language propaganda clogging up their everyday lives through mass media and educational institutes. Cities will be made bilingual, so that all authorities must provide services in (at least) two languages. Putin promises that officials who have not made the effort to learn the minority language within one year will be dismissed from their posts. At the same time Putin wished everyone a happy April Fools' Day."

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Комментарий от: Кувакань Азор, Апрель 2, 2012 в 10:07pm

Luhta, it is not so funny matter, I don't know why Putin jokes in this way... I can't see any fun, connected with the problem of minority languages. He could make a choice for some other funny matters. It wasn't a good joke...

Комментарий от: Ajbabin Volodj, Апрель 2, 2012 в 5:52pm

In Western countries there is another situation with minorities languages. But not in Russia. And the problem is that the minorities are more native on Their Land than the Russians are. 

Комментарий от: Luhta, Апрель 2, 2012 в 5:30pm

This text expresses type of joke called as "sarcasm". Sarcasm is very popular in Western countries. Maybe people from Russia and other ex-USSR countries are not very used to it.

Комментарий от: Ajbabin Volodj, Апрель 2, 2012 в 4:20pm

"Why not?"

In the Ukraine if Yanukovich said something like "Russian is as the second state language", but would not do he had promised - he would get the Russian diaspora "Maidan", even if it would be AFD. Recently, it has been announced about Russian as a second , but the Authorities have not confirmed this information. It has been said to be a wish , but as a regional one in Crimea,Odessa,  and Donbass , and no way as a state one.  


Комментарий от: Ajbabin Volodj, Апрель 2, 2012 в 4:06pm

The Turks joke, but the Americans do not. Northern Kurdistan for now is not a matter of joke for Turkey.  

Комментарий от: Numulunj pilgä, Апрель 2, 2012 в 3:57pm

This is not a joking matter. Kind of Turkey grants Kurdistan autonomy on April Fools' Day.

Комментарий от: Luhta, Апрель 2, 2012 в 3:44pm

Such things are not to joke. 

Why not?

It sounds like a joke.

Because it is a joke :) (read last sentence in text and also Oli's comment). Or you don't know what April Fools' day means?

Комментарий от: Кувакань Азор, Апрель 2, 2012 в 3:21pm

Good day! To my mind,it is not real matter. It sounds like a joke. Such project is so expensive for the government to support minority languages and to teach politics.

Комментарий от: Ajbabin Volodj, Апрель 2, 2012 в 3:18pm

Such things are not to joke.  

Комментарий от: Luhta, Апрель 2, 2012 в 2:53pm

Super news :)

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