ТАЛЛИН, 15 июля. Глава оборонного ведомства Эстонии Урмас Рейнсалу выразил признательность Союзу борцов за свободу, объединяющему ветеранов 20-й эстонской дивизии СС и прочих граждан Эстонии, воевавших на стороне гитлеровской Германии.

Генерал заявил, что их вклад спас честь эстонского народа. Выступая на 20-м слете союза на эстонском острове Сааремаа, он отметил, что признателен его членам за их мужество и вклад в эстонское государство.

«Ваш вклад, который исходил из принципа законной правопреемственности, имел решающее значение для Эстонской республики и одновременно спас честь нашего народа», цитирует министра «Интерфакс».

По его словам, принятым в феврале нынешнего года парламентским решением государство де-факто признало их борцами за свободу. «Нынешнее поколение руководствуется вашей готовностью к самопожертвованию, и Эстония готова защищать себя и своих союзников», — подчеркнул Рейнсалу.

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Фига вы тут наворотили, парни.

Давайте вернемся назад на топик - про эстонской ваффен-СС дивизии.

Вот что гласит предисловие в странице, посвященной эстонской ваффен-СС дивизии:

Like there is a sea in every drop of water, there also is a nation in every person. You cannot fool people who carry the wisdom of history in them. One will wake up earlier, another later. The power that is evil and destructive will be recognized and then the men of this land will do what they have to. They fight!

If someone dares to say that the fight in Narva front or in Sinimäed Hills was not a fight for freedom, then it will not be an ordinary mistake, this person simply doesn't know what he is talking about, or even more likely – he doesn't want to speak the truth.

Our history has been colourful and rough, we have had to fight for our freedom several times.

What the Soviet regime did in Estonia in 1940-1941 would have woken up even dead attackers. Nothing alike had ever been done to this land, its people and economy before. This regime is to blame for executing or making a quarter of Estonians leave this land. No country or nation in the world suffered such losses during the World War II. Not Finns, Poles, Jews of whoever.

If there would not have been rebellion against the one who caused all this, then the people of this land should have been called suicidal. An ally? Anyone could have been an ally who was willing to help. Our allies in this huge war were the Germans. Germans were the only real force that could have fought with the red Russia, and it proved to be right. Germans said about Estonian independence that it only depends on the Estonians' participation in the Eastern Front. And Estonian men understood that. The aim of this union was to establish independent Estonia and Estonian men fought in German uniforms, wearing proudly the badges they received for it.

But there could not have been a word about Estonian independence under the Soviet Union. We knew that the Western world was in good relations with the red aggressor that occupied us in 1940 and it became even more clear at the end of the war when we were left alone with our problems. Despite some more optimistic hopes that there would come a white ship from England or from the USA. Estonia was handed to the Soviet Union and the murderous Soviet regime did whatever it wanted here.

However, there came a time when the people woke up and broke their chains. Once again there is a fire of freedom burning in Estonia that we must protect from the Eastern wind. We can be proud of Estonian sons and daughters. One woke up earlier, another later. But they did wake up. And the ones who fought in the second War of Independence were the ones who woke up earlier.



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