Dear friends, I am going to write an article about the biggest problems in Finno-Ugric movement.
All ideas and comments are welcome .

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please tell us more! which aspect of the movement do you mean exactly?
Thanks for answer.
I am more interested the aspects that the others see :-) to be a problem in our world.
I myself am thinking about the changing role of Estonia in the whole movement, but it is the problem what i see from Estonia :-)
And I am going to use only the ideas ont the autor´s names.
Hello, Rein! now we have an opportunity to get acquainted with your text (i've found the translation of your article on some russian site).
I agree with you that we need to intensify the contacts between our people. I think thta we need to strengthen another side of our cooperation - to make more accent on cooperation not only in folk traditions and arts but also in humanities and contemporary science.
for instance, i'm very interested about the history of estonian language and the way how it become the language of modern society using in all areas (science, technology, economics etc.).
how the terminological work is organized (i've heard about the Eterm)?
It'll be useful to make something like the Guide for estonian modernization - the case-studies about the modernization of language, society, implementation of democracy etc.
Thanks for publishing article in Russian
I see you cannot russian (?).
How do you see at my "universal latinic fo finn-ugrians PUBLISHED just before?
I hope you shell say YES and will help by personal - voice and mind.

We must to have latinica (romanik writting as secondary for first) in that cace only (I think) because it was forbidden us in 2004.
Or are we servants?...



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