I am glad to inform you that I am about to write a book titled „ My .Ugrimugri.“ Estonians use this term to refer to Finno-Ugric things or activities seen from a more humane and even funny point of view. It is like another side of a deeply scientific Fenno-Ugric coin, the one that is closer and more understandable to us.
The book consists of deeply humane and weird incidences, which should reflect the essence and soul of Finno-Ugric people.
Hereby I am asking for your assistance – your memories, experiences – in order to draw a possibly genuine picture of the Finno-Ugric people. Please write on my email - rein.sikk@eesti.ee about your experiences and funny incidences connected with the following Finno-Ugric characteristics:

• Modesty
• Individualism
• Fear of extinction
• Phlegmatism
• Joy of singing, dancing and making music
• Wearing national costumes
• Special and strange food
• Passion of collecting any kind of things
• Work addiction
• Mysticism and shamanism
• Craftiness
• Loyalty of home place and local legends
• Seeking the mysterious Finno-Ugric thing
• Preference of process over the result
• sth more you consider important.....

Naturally, I am not expecting you to send me notes about everything. But even a single hint or detail is important. And please add, if you let me use your name in case of quoting or paraphrasing. If you choose to remain anonymous, I will respect your wish.
You may write me in English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian – these are the languages I more or less understand. I can’t promise you that I use all the material I get, but what I can promise is that I will read it all through carefully.
Thank you for finding the time to read it all. Thank you also in advance if you decide to answer my letter. I will keep you posted about the state of affairs. Right now the deadline for my script is the end of April.

Wishing you luck,
Rein Sikk

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That's very interesting! I'm Russian and I work in a Hungarian company, so at my workplace I'm surrounded by Hungarinas mainly, I've got some wierd, funny and interesting experience during my work, will try to make up smth.
Thankfully waiting for Your ideas and emotions :-)

I am not sure if you still working on your book, but it sounds really interesting! 

I am Hungarian, I live in Estonia, and I have some Finno-ugric friends from Russia as well. :) If you still collecting experiences, I can write you some of mine.

good luck with your work, and if you are ready with the book, I will need it.


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