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All news from Kudymkar and Permian Komi State of Permland in English.

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Ancient Komi Calendar

Начал(а) Артур. Последний ответ от Артур в Май 25, 2013. 1 Ответить

Ancient Komi-Permyak's year began on 21st of March, the day of Spring Equinox. The year had nine "months", each of which had its own patron - game beast. A magical object representation of the Komi calender is a flat bronze ring with animal…Продолжить

Теги: Calendar, Komi, Ancient

School in Antipino is under the threat of closing down

Начал(а) Артур. Последний ответ от Артур в Авг 12, 2011. 1 Ответить

by Snezhana Bratchikova, Apr 27th 2011 Vladimir Yanovskiy's photo There are four wooden, darkened from time buildings in a small area sorounded by wood trees. Children are studying there from the first to the ninth class in three buildings and there…Продолжить

New Permian terminology

Начал(а) Артур. Последний ответ от Артур в Июл 29, 2011. 6 Ответы

I shall use some new words to translate news in to English. I understand and respect other opinion and it is possible that some critical points can be the cause to change or modify new terminology. 1. Permian Komi State (Коми-пермяцкий округ). I…Продолжить

New methodical scientific popular books available now for public.

Начал(а) Артур. Последний ответ от Niimshur в Апр 27, 2011. 2 Ответы

   New methodical scientific popular books available now for public. The almanac «Гора шы» is dedicated for the teacher and the master of a word E. V. Botevaya.Works of scientists, methodologists, teachers of Permian Komi language, teachers and…Продолжить

Coordination council session has been held in Kudymkar

Начал(а) Артур в Апр 27, 2011. 0 Ответы

On 20th of April 2011 in Kudymkar coordination council session of the Governor of Permland has been held on a political situation in Permian Komi state of Permland.Members of coordination council discussed about studying of Permian Komi language and…Продолжить

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Комментарий от: Petr Korolev, Май 1, 2011 в 1:47pm
Артур, а куда посылать новости, на твой адрес? Тесты на русском или на коми-пермяцком тоже можно?
Комментарий от: Артур, Апрель 26, 2011 в 3:31am
Welcome to Permian Komi Times! I ll try to translate some Permian Komi news in to English. Well, it'll take a lot of time, but when i find time on my late evenings i'll translate some of the news. All translators welcome!

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