The Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS, to be built on the bank of River Juutuanjoki in Inari, in Finland, will become the centre of Sámi culture and administration.


The purpose of the Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS is to create better possibilities for the Sámi in Finland to preserve and develop their own language, culture and business activities as well as to manage and develop their cultural self-government and to support the development of their general living conditions.


The Cultural Centre SAJOS fundamentally improves the possibilities of passing information about the Sámi people as the indigenous people of Finland. The Centre will attract national and international interest, and it will become an exciting meeting place of multiculturalism.


The Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS is funded by 5 million euros by the European regional development fund.



Floor space 4800 bm2

Target price 12 million €



• Administrative offices

• Cultural services

• Education and research services

• Business development services

• Sámi welfare services

• Support services



• The centre of Sámi administration, culture, education and know-how

• The building for events (cinema, music, meetings and conferences)

• The Sámi Parliament House of Finland

• The different services form an active and meaningful whole



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In January 2012, the centre of Finnish Sámi administration, education and know-hov begins operating in Inari, located on the shore of the Lake Inari with its unique nature. The Sámi Cultural Centre, SAJOS will be the largest conference and event venue in Northern Lapland. Equipped with modern conference technology and communications capabilities, the venue is suibable for conferences with up to 520 participations.


There are plenty of accommodation options in the village of Inari and the Saariselkä region, ranging from wilderness cabins to quality hotels in the localities.


The Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS is located in Inari on the bank of river Juutuanjoki, by the main road 4. The journey to Ivalo airport takes about 40 minutes by car (50 km drive). Direct flights between Ivalo and Helsinki (1,5 h) are available daily. Inari can also be reached easily by bus.



* Event service

* Conference host or hostess service

* Lobby service

* Cleaning service

* Furnishings and fittings

* Flags

* Ticket sales

* Service point (information about the Sámi people and culture) 



Go to webpage www.sajos.fi

And also download  PDF-Copy


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