Chinese? Nope. Finnish. Their president.

One of the genetic markers that Finns have is haplogroup N3. Here is Wikipedia quote:

“Haplogroupe N3, which is found only in a few countries in Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden and Russia), is a subgroup of the haplogroup N (Y-DNA) distributed across
northern Eurasia and estimated in a recent study to be 10,000–20,000
years old and suggested to have entered Europe about 12,000–14,000 years
ago from Asia.

So Finns are one of the oldest races on Earth! That’s something you should be proud of! Hell, look at yourself… :

She is soooo cute!

But in Finland there is a trend that people are looking back their family trees and trying to find western blood that they can say “I’m a german, swedish, english or whatever…” They are shamed of their eastern
heritage. And that sucks. How can you be shame of your genes (a Finn
can!)…!? Ain’t this precisely a sign of low self-esteem, spirit? It’s
very typical for Finns to feel “lower” than others. There are many jokes
about it and one is about an elephant, French, Italian and a Finn. “That
would be a good beef.
” thought the French. “That could be a
nice handbag.
” thought the Italian. “What is that Elephant
thinking of me?
” thought the Finn…

Elephants has long memory...

This low self-esteem (heikko itsetunto) thing is probably not genetic. It’s teached. By the Swedes. Those bastards whipped Finns to their slaves and treated them as “untermenschen“. They
thought that they were “civilized” and “cultured” ’cause they had a
retard King, Kungen. And they call us Mongols. F*****’ nazies! 400 years
under Swedish regime… as a “bumper” towards Russia. And many, many wars
in Finland territory against Russia. Finns were slaughtered for
Swedish, something to be proud of? And during this regime they were like
Americans in Iraq. The Oil was Tar. And sometimes this Nazi-King loose
to Russia and then Finns were under Russian Tsar… and the things didn’t
get much easier… It was like always somebody “better and bigger came
to take our women, boy childs and half of the crops”
. And ’cause
Finns got the Mongolian eye thing?

...but it doesn't protect against racism...

Swedes called Finns Mongols. And one of the reasons was this Mongolian epikantus. And this eye thing is also a mark for some diseases, like Down Syndrome. And ’cause they wanted to mix up things, they probably thought that slow
and “retard” Down Syndrome people are this “east race” people. And the
untermenschen attitude was ready.

This syndrome is world wide.

This thing is still working in the Europeans subconscious. It’s the fear of the super Mongol: Tshingis Khan!

He ruled from Europe to China...

So the Europeans are not sure who Finns are? Don’t worry, so doesn’t the Finns… There has been 400 years Swedish propaganda and wrong decisions, Lutheran Church with its ultimate power
to collect taxes and force people to their religion (Swedes King
religion..), attempts to destroy Finnish language and culture etc. And
the Swedes brought to Finland their laws, military forces and culture,
language, civil servants, priests, teachers etc. and claimed that south
Finland (Uusimaa) was first occupied by them! You see, there are still
massive farms and land properties owned by Swedish families and they
have been taken from Finns by force and killing the Finns… censored
history of Finland… just one little piece of it. But that is a whole new
story. I’ll get back to that later.

…OMG! They called me from work, there is a big crisis evolving… we are going to have this “YT-neuvottelut”, meaning that they are sacking half of the workers in the name of
efficiency… maybe I’ll be a lucky one and get sacked! ;-) I’ll be back! Long Live European F*****’
Union and its lousy leaders, those whimps and corporate double agents
who are robbing its people’s money and forcing them into slavery!


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