Benefits Of Membership

Benefits Of Membership

Members may customize their profile pages with their own layout which includes slide shows, rss feeds, widgets and apps. If you are new to our network and want to find old friends or make new ones, our advanced member search is a great way to find people fast. View our featured members list , which includes elected officials, distinguished alumni, community activist, business owners, journalist, international friends, community and faith based organizations and interesting members of the community.

Twitter And Facebook Integration

Uralistica.ning.com comes with integration to Twitter and Facebook which allows you to share your content here on Uralistica with one click. All you have to do is configure your log in settings one time to activate our integration application. Using our application to post to Facebook is a great way to invite your connects there to join you for discussion and dialogue here on Uralistica. It's even better for keeping your time online more manageable!

Photos and Videos

Members may upload, embed and share photos and videos. Embed your uploaded photo slideshows or video players anywhere on the web and link them back to your profile here on Uralistica to show the world what's going on in Compton!

Invite and Share

Uralistica.ning.com comes with a rich invitation engine, with full web address book and .csv file importing, for members to invite new members. Our invitation engine is compatible with Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL Mail and allows you to add a custom message to your invitation. So, don't delay.....invite your family, friends and neighbors to join you on Uralistica today!

Latest Activity

A real-time, dynamic activity feed of everything happening across our network including new discussions, blogs, events and status updates from members.

RSS Feeds In and RSS Out

Pull in one or more RSS feeds from your blog, web site or news source for an ongoing stream of information into your profile page. As a member, your activity here on Uralistica automatically creates an RSS feed that you may add to an external web site, blog or profile on other social networks. Just look for the rss symbol on your profile page to get the feed url.


Join a group on our network and interact more closely with like minded members.

Discussion Forum

Participate in a rich discussion forum with several categories and the ability to add photos, widgets and attachments to your posts. Each member has the ability to add a new discussion and receive email notifications when someone replies to your discussion. Creating discussions about things you are passionate, opinionated, knowledgeable or interested in is a sure way to engage our community! So if there is something that interests you or your would like to see discussed here on Uralistica, start your own discussion and then share it with your friends so they can join in the dialogue!

Blogs for Every Member

Have something on your mind but don't really want to get into a huge discussion about it? Want to share your expertise or experiences regularly? Maybe you, your business or your organization are doing some great things....Blogs are a great way to not only express yourself but to publish fresh content online. Blogs are available for every member of our network. Display your own blog on your profile page and share it with friends in network or across the web or via email. Try it out!


Add rich, detailed events and keep track of who's attending. Choose to show your RSVP or make it private. Our event calendar is open for all members and is a great way to "get the word out" about your upcoming event!


Further customize your experience on our network with additional features by way of 200 applications!.

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