Marcus May
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    Čoma Starin (demo)

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В 2:22pm часов Октябрь 1, 2009, Tökan сказал(а)…
cool keep on rocking with it! do you use msn messenger?
В 10:29pm часов Сентябрь 28, 2009, Tökan сказал(а)…
Im without any occupation right now. Your projects sounds interesting :) what do you rap about primary? you also listen to american rap?
В 3:21pm часов Сентябрь 28, 2009, Tökan сказал(а)…
Hi, you made a cool rap in vepsian, great work!

Are you a underground rapper in Budapest?

In your songs what is the theme about? what do you rap about?
В 10:53am часов Июль 26, 2009, Laura Siragusa сказал(а)…
Hi Marcus!
Nice having you on Uralistica. Do you, beside being a rapper, have an interest for Finno-Ugric groups as well? :)
I'm studying Anthropology and focuses my research on the Veps and their writing practices. As a matter of fact, I shall soon be in the Karelian Republic for my fieldwork. Are you based in Hungary or do you also travel up north? It would be nice to meet up with some of the guys I 'get to know' on Uralistica.
Glad to have met you here!
Talk soon!
Laura :)


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