Vilnius University
28–31 October 2015

Contacts of Baltic and Finnic languages

    Gunta Kļava
    The Latvian Language Agency (Rīga)
    Miina Norvik
    University of Tartu, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics


The aim of the workshop is to strengthen and increase scientific interest concerning studies on the mutual influence of languages in a linguistically diverse but historically and culturally close area, i.e. northeastern Europe. Since ancient times, Baltic and Finnic languages have had contact with one another, however unfortunately there is still a lack of studies on the contacts between these languages which would allow us to clearly observe these mutual influences.

This topic is more interesting and important taking into account that deep and broad influences in languages have occurred – from common semantics up to grammatical structures, as is shown by the contacts of Proto-Baltic and Proto-Finnic languages, as well as the contacts of Livonian and Latvian. Studies on Baltic and Finnic language contacts are more significant for language contacts and linguistic typology, as the mutual influence is between languages which are not genetically related.

We welcome researchers that have dealt with cross-linguistic research on contact-induced changes and research on areal phenomena of Baltic and Finnic languages and presentations on their findings during this workshop.


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