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Комментарий от: Bariss, Май 21, 2009 в 1:11pm
Hi Aleksei! I have come accross your social network by chance. In fact, I was doing some research on the internet regarding the other native Finnish tribes that lived in Estonia. It is wonderful that you are proactively trying to create a virtual meeting place for your peoples! I understand that your project is still in early stages of its development, but I just wanted to give you a couple of suggestions. Wikipedia in Russian gives some interesting info on the origins of Finnish people. I assume you can start (if you haven't yet) a whole new page, a section, devoted to History of your little nations. I am sure you may also find prominent historians to help you develop this page. Another thing is to approach or find some interested users in Russia, Estonia and Latvia who have roots of nearly extinct peoples. It is really a shame that Livs, Vod, Narovans either have lost or are quickly losing their ethnical identity. Probably, they are being taken care of by some other organisations or by themselves, but I think it would be good if you also could mention them on your site.
Best Regards!

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