"Fenno-Ugria NPO will travel to Karelia with Looduse Omnibuss"

Trip from Estonia to Karelia


15.07.2010 -
08:00 - 21.07.2010 - 23:59

The Fenno-Ugria Non-Profit Organization and Looduse Omnibuss continue their trips to meet kindred peoples and this summer will travel

to Karelia

through Vadjan, Ingrian and Vepsan villages. From there, the bus will wander back by way of Vyborg, Imatra and Helsinki.

We will visit a museum in the home of Nikolai Roerich, the ancient Staraya Ladoga castle complex, the Vepsa cultural center in the village of Shoutjärvi and also Petrozavodsk on the shores of Lake Onega (Äänisjärve).
There will be an opportunity to travel by boat to Kizhi Island, which is under UNESCO protection. We will spend one night in the village of Kinnermäki... Events will be led by Jaak Prozes, Taisto Raudalainen and several kindred companions and friends.

Price of the trip is 3,500-4,500 EEK. A passport (valid for at least six more months) and passport-size photograph are necessary when filing for Russian visas. More specific information will be available after St. John's Day (24.06).

The participant list will be closed on the first day of July.

Information and registration: telephone numbers 6481740, 56476297, e-mail: info@looduseomnibuss.ee


Text translated from the Estonian-language source found here.

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