I'm writing a thesis about the linguistic image of God in Finno-Ugric languages and i've made a short [only 2 questions] survey about it:
Пишу диссертацию об языковом образе Бога в финно-угорских языках, и я сделал анкету [всего только 2 вопроса]:

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NNZWMK6 magyarul
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NBQTBHG suomeksi
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NP2MNN9 eesti keeleks
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FLDDMQM удмурт сярысь

i'd be very grateful for your participation!
спасибо за помощь!
köszönöm, kiitos, aitäh, тау!

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Комментарий от: varpho, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 4:24pm

thanks for answering. could you encourage others, too? ;)
yes, i know that while describing a theological concept you inevitably and unconsciously copy theological terms...

Комментарий от: Ortem, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 4:00pm

when i answered to the questions from survey, i wrote typical characterics that give to God in Orthodox tradition. i guess i've copied them from Udmurt Orthodox books - there complex Udmurt language is used, i don't think that non-intelligentsia believers (who don't read these written in Udmurt christian books) use such words)

Комментарий от: varpho, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 3:47pm

both. :) i mean, the word "Inmar" has at least two meanings - christian deity and native deity. what i want to know is what are the associations an Udmurt speaker have when hearing the word "Inmar". i don't want an encyclopaedical or theological definition, just a "stereotypical" one.

Комментарий от: Ortem, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 2:54pm

asking about Inmar you mean christian God or pagan, native Udmurt god?

Комментарий от: varpho, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 2:50pm

linguistic image of the world is a cognitive term which refers to the stereotypical view on something/someone, a view that is present in the particular language in the way it organizes the meaning of a term.

Комментарий от: Ortem, Сентябрь 2, 2012 в 1:12pm

your inquiry seems interesting, but what do you mean by linguistic image?

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