Last week the first international forum on Indigenous Tourism was organized by World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA). http://www.winta.org/

It was held October 12, 2012, in Lucerne, Switzerland as a first-ever ATTA Summit Extension Program immediately following the ninth Adventure Travel World Summit. http://www.adventuretravel.biz/ 

My main reason to attend was ATWS, where I was on mission of my own local travel business http://www.soomaa.com/

Indigenous Tourism Forum was one of the best meeting in my life, both emotionally inspiring and profesionally insightful.

There was one more delegat from Finno Ugric world, Lennart Pittja, head of http://visitsapmi.com/   We discussed the benefits that WINTA could bring to tourism entrepreneurs of other Finno-Ugric Places. And I would love to continue discussion it here. Ethnotourism Group would be a good section http://uralistica.com/group/Ethnotourism

Adding link to keynote speach of Anna Pollock and Ben Sherman



Below are some pictures 




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Комментарий от: Aivar Ruukel, Октябрь 24, 2012 в 8:39am

Two artcles that reflect to Indigenous Tourism Forum




If there are someone here in Uralistica community who wants to discuss the indigenous tourism in Finno-Ugric context; please write me aivar@soomaa.com 

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